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Freedom Flyers was formed by a small group of people operating out of Sundance Airpark, Oklahoma City (KHSD), whose underlying passion is flying.  You could say that the prime directive of our club as in General Aviation is "Fly the Airplane!"   We were formed as a result of a need for lower cost options to rental from an FBO and the desire to know who it is that is flying our aircraft.  Both of these requirements are met with Freedom Flyers.  We take meticulous care of our aircraft and have strict entry and membership requirements that will assure our members that the aircraft they are flying is in safest possible condition and was previously flown by another club member with the same passion and desire.   

Doug Durning
President, ATP, A&P, CFI, CFII, MEII, AGI

Doug has owned and operated general aviation aircraft for over 30 years.  He is an exceptional instructor and will be responsible for "checking out" new members in the aircraft. 

George Durning
Executive Vice President, CFI
Chief Flight Instructor

George also has owned and operated General Aviation aircraft for many years.  He retired from the FAA after 30 years as an Air Traffic Controller and continued working as a contractor to the FAA until recently. George is now retired but continues to enjoy flying and instructing.  George is responsible for qualifying instructors to teach in our aircraft.